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Wave balls

Surf on the fun

The wave ball is a reliable and effective solution for creating waves in a pool while keeping operating costs low. It generates waves through resonance and amplification. The sphere floats on the water and creates safe and controlled artificial waves to make swimming more fun. Sensors are connected to a software to make and create the waves, with complete control of the frequency and sizes.

This is an innovative, modern and stylish way to bring an existing water facility to life.

Economical operation

no big and costly soundproof equipment


energy-efficient, using the equivalent of 2 hairdryers

Easy to install

takes just 2 days to make functional


it can be fitted in an existing pool or serve in the construction of a new pool built to run it


settings can be adjusted to create waves of different kinds and heights


Secure this product with AngelEye

AngelEye LifeGuard is an anti-drowning system that monitors pool users with an integrated underwater camera system that detects dangerous situations.


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Fun, atmosphere, immersion, magic and a change of scenery are the hallmarks of Edsun’s decors, which can be used to dress up the structures of your installations.

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