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Review of Nicolas Vrignaud

Domaine des Salins, Saint-Hilaire de Riez (Vendée)

We’ve been working with Edsun for 20 years. We bought installations of them, then a water slide in 2008 and [...]

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Review of Alexandre Roque

Camping les Fontaines, Canet-en-Roussillon

I contacted Edsun because they offered the widest selection and handled the highest number of projects in the market. Their [...]

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Review of Erwann Calippe

Camping l’Atlantique, Fouesnant

When we revamped our outdoor swimming pool, we decided to overhaul our waterslides while we were at it. We got [...]

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Review of Christophe Hantz

Camping les Sources du Lac Eclaron

My experience with Edsun has been straightforward. It is based on the effectiveness, flexibility, responsiveness and availability of a team [...]

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Review of Freddy Bretaudeau

Camping les Chênes verts, Calviac en Périgord

We met Edsun at the Atlantica trade show. We hit it offer straight away. We are both from the Vendée [...]

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Review of Herbert Pruvot

Camping Village de La Vache Verte, Conchil le Temple

I’ve been working with Edsun for 3 or 4 years. I met them at trade shows and read about them [...]

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Review of Hubert Neveu

Piscine municipale d’Aigueblanche

Why did we choose Edsun? Firstly, there are not many operators in the market. And we were running a public [...]

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Review of Jocelyn Lorenzo

Camping La Baume La Palmeraie, Fréjus

We had water slides and wanted to replace them. We wanted something recent that offered greater safety, especially for children [...]

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Review of Mrs Gourlaouen

Camping Kerleven, la Forêt-Fouesnant

We’ve actually always worked with Edsun, who’ve been providing us with equipment over the years. Naturally when I decided to [...]

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Review of Pere Marques

Senia camping, Calonge España

We have waterslides in five of our campsites, along with multisport arenas and outdoor play facilities. We started out looking [...]

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Review of William Dumas

Western Parc, Bigouglia

We had inflatable equipment in our leisure park. It was good but I wanted better. I found Edsun by chance [...]

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