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Témoignage de William Dumas

Western Parc in Bigouglia

We had inflatable equipment in our leisure park. It was good but I wanted better. I found Edsun by chance thanks to Google. As soon as I made the first contact, everything happened quickly. We started with a quote, since I wasn’t clear what I would do. I had a good feeling straight away. I explained what I wanted. We went through their catalogue and I picked a style. I was well advised. They adapted to my wishes and the area. Over the years we worked on more and more projects together. In 2017 we introduced our first wading pool, in 2018 came a wave ball and in 2019 we got a turbo-launch waterslide. Owing to Covid delays, the diablo waterslide didn’t come on stream until 2021. We entered into a policy of continuous investment with Edsun. Year after year the customers are very happy. They keep coming back, asking for more. That’s great for us even if it takes effort to keep up. We are as happy when they are happy. Edsun is a real partner. We work together closely in an atmosphere of complete trust. I’ll never forget that they were by my side in the first days when I hadn’t even secured financing for my project from the bank. They never let me down. Now when Nicolas comes to see me, he stays at my house. That tells you all you need to know.

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Témoignage d' Erwann Calippe

Camp l’Atlantique in Fouesnant

When we revamped our outdoor swimming pool, we decided to overhaul our waterslides while we were at it. We got in touch with Edsun. They proposed several designs. Once we chose a general idea of what we wanted, we worked out the details. We wanted something that would look amazing, with several colours to choose from and it had to be 100m long and 12m high. We plumped for a shade of blue. Let me tell you, their equipment is seriously impressive. In just a few clicks we had the project in 3D. Then we could track the project from A to Z. We knew exactly how many m3 of concrete would be used, and precisely how much filtration there was. Everything was calculated in meticulous detail. Then they arrived to unload their trucks. Everything was arranged to avoid nasty surprises. They put everything together and conducted the first tests. They provided us with the conformity certificates. They were on hand for the Apave inspection. They monitor everything seriously and stringently. Now we have an asset that is in line with what we wanted, gets annual maintenance and delights our customers. We chose Edsun because they were the only ones who could give us what we wanted while factoring in our technical constraints.

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Témoignage de Pere Marques

Senia campsite in Calonge, Spain

We have waterslides in five of our campsites, along with multisport arenas and outdoor play facilities. We started out looking for waterslide manufacturers but couldn’t find any high-quality Spanish suppliers. I expanded my search across Europe and found Edsun. I presented my initial idea to Emmanuel. Then we worked with the design department. Then Edsun’s fitters came to the site to install the waterslides. They comply with European standards and provide an efficient remote after-sales service. That’s reassuring. We chose Edsun because we needed a reliable and experienced partner. They give good value for money. We have carried on working together on a big project that has been delayed by the pandemic, because they are familiar with the campsite world. They understand things quickly and we trust them.

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Témoignage de Nicolas Vrigneau

Domaine des Salins in Saint-Jean-de-Monts

We’ve been working with Edsun for 20 years. We bought installations of them, then a water slide in 2008 and an indoor wading pool in 2015. When renovations were being done on the technical area that had the starts of the water slides, we took the opportunity to invest in two new models. We ran into each other at the Atlantica trade show. We talked to the Edsun team and explained what we needed. They came to visit us. We worked with their design department to prepare the project. That was in late 2019. Then Covid put a stop to everything. In July 2020 we touched base with them again to finalise everything. Work on the masonry began in October and delivery was completed in April 2021. That was perfect timing to be up and running for the start of the season. The result is that we’re always packed and everything is happy. We like working with serious partners who are well established, with a record of providing wonderful installations and offer good value for money. We appreciate a good personal relationship with people who are on hand and respect us and listen to us. Edsun are on the same wavelengths as us.

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Témoignage d' Alexandre Roque

Les Fontaines Canet-en-Roussillon campsite

I contacted Edsun because they offered the widest selection and handled the highest number of projects in the market. Their reputation went before them. Right from our first conversation with Nicolas we got on very well. He’s very pro and a really nice guy. We had no problems and were supported every step of the way. We worked closely with Edsun’s design department. They were flexible throughout even though time was against us. In just 2 or 3 days their team put everything in place. It took 8 months for the whole project to be completed. Our customers are delighted, they have a whale of a time. Everything goes well with Edsun. We get along perfectly. There’s a reason why we hired them to install our new water play area.

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Témoignage de Christophe Hantz

Les Sources du Lac Eclaron campsite

My experience with Edsun has been straightforward. It is based on the effectiveness, flexibility, responsiveness and availability of a team that we regard as partners. We made enquiries with two operators. Edsun secured the deal. We got on with them very well from the outset, enjoying good contact with their salesman, Nicolas, who gave us excellent advice. And price was not the main factor in our decision. After repeated discussions with Nicolas and the Edsun design department, we increased it by a third. We got what we wanted. As the project progressed, we had regular status meetings. They put us in touch with a hydraulics engineer. From the planning to the invoicing, everything went smoothly. So much so that we are already preparing our next investment in water play equipment. The quality is exactly as we would wish, it does our reputation a power of good our customers can’t get enough of it. There is one small detail that is worth highlighting. After there was a fire in their workshop, Nicolas came to see us in person to tell us about it. That personal touch matters.

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Témoignage de Mrs Gourlaouen

Kerleven campsite, La Forêt-Fouesnant

We’ve actually always worked with Edsun, who’ve been providing us with equipment over the years. Naturally when I decided to change waterslide I got in touch with their sales department. I sent them my specification. Sébastien came to see us. They sent us their first proposals pretty quickly. I was in regular contact with Edsun’s design department by email. They did up 3D models for me. For this project we were supported by an architect who specialises in this type of job. Everything went well between us. Then we started up the machine. The project was delivered to us on time. All throughout the project they were very professional and very quick to respond to whatever we needed. They’re a super team. We’re very satisfied with the result. The investment helps our image and our customers love it. What more could we ask for?

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Témoignage de

Testimony of Hubert, municipal swimming pool of Aigueblanche. A slide with 4 multi line



Why did we choose Edsun? Firstly, there are not many operators in the market. And we were running a public invitation to tender. Edsun responded and their bid won. They were not the cheapest but they gave the most guarantees. They had the experience, with an impressive track record and good feedback. That was really reassuring for us. Nicolas was our interface throughout the construction. Twice he came to meetings to kick off the work. Then we swapped emails about certain details and follow-up. We had a small problem with some swimsuits getting ripped at the start. It was nothing serious but they came back to redo the resin. They were available and always listened. Their design department worked closely with our project manager. It all went well. After the fire in their workshop, our project was delayed by a year. During that time changes were made, particularly with some differences to the pads compared to the original plan. Edsun covered this work at their own cost. That gesture is worth highlighting. Lastly, the customers love this magnificent water slide. It’s the flagship feature of our water sport centre. We are proud of it.

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Témoignage de Freddy Bretaudeau

Les Chênes Verts campsite in Calviac, Périgord

We met Edsun at the Atlantica trade show. We hit it offer straight away. We are both from the Vendée region. That helps. After the initial meeting with Emmanuel, Sébastien came to visit. We had a chat and set out our specifications and our budget. Then we worked with Edsun’s design department. They took care of installing everything. We had a little hitch with the painting of the waterslide. But their team came in and sorted it out. They came to do safety tests and even changed the railings at their own expense. They were very effective. The feedback from our customers was excellent, with very good results. It’s been a significant investment that has served our image perfectly. Since we don’t have the sea near here, Edsun created a world entirely suited to our location in the heart of an oak forest. They designed our mascot, and the water slides are in our colours. Even the big 38m water slide was made to measure! They are real pros.

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Témoignage de Jocelyne Lorenzo

La Baume and La Palmeraie campsites in Fréjus

We had water slides and wanted to replace them. We wanted something recent that offered greater safety, especially for children who cannot swim yet. We got in touch with Edsun. The sales person came to see us. He advised us what could be done in line with our expectations and our customers’ wishes. A short time later they gave us their first proposals. We chose the models. They prepared 3D Simulations for us. Then we talked to their design department. I asked them for colour tests, then we made our decision. Because of the pandemic everything was done by video conference, it only took 3 months. We chose them because of their reputation. I met them at a trade show. They are dependable and helpful. Edsun is a safe bet. The equipment was installed. They came back to make minor adjustments. Then they got in the Véritas inspection team. It was very reassuring. Our customers are happy. People queued up to go on the water slides this summer. It’s good for our image. All of which means we are satisfied.

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Témoignage de Herbert Pruvot

La Vache Verte campsite in Conchil le Temple

I’ve been working with Edsun for 3 or 4 years. I met them at trade shows and read about them in the press and online. There are not really many operators in the market. They understand what we do. They offer the choice and variety of products and they have a good reputation. They share your culture and language. I like their products for their quality and solidity. Their team came. They installed everything. I felt that I was well supported. We call them regularly and they always answer quickly and well. Everything is done in an atmosphere of trust, it’s perfect. Our equipment is unique. It bears our name and helps promote our image. People recognise us thanks to that. At the end of the day our customers are happy so everything is going swimmingly.

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