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Racer water slides

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This project was driven by one main desire from the beginning: the Marvilla Parks group wished to equip the La Chapelle camp site with a “Racer” water slide! A long slide for racing. For Edsun, this project was completely outside of the norm. 

The hallmark of the Marvilla Parks group is to offer totally innovative and original water spaces. The Racer slide was their obsession! They wanted to be famous for it!

Nicolas, Edsun Project Manager for this project

At Edsun, we had never had a chance to design and install this product from the Polin brand. It was also a first for France! We were happy to take on the challenge!

Norbert Charat, foreman, and Jean-Claude Guegano, construction manager, submitted a perfectly conceived project that was well thought out from start to finish. They wanted large water slides and a large paddling pool placed just next to it to form a whole. They also had a precise idea for the location. The Edsun internal research office projected what they wanted as accurately as possible and drew up plans that were quickly approved.

Gregory Lecoutre, from the Marvilla Parks marketing team, worked on the colour palettes for the water toys. He envisioned red and white, with their immediate visual impact. This also calls to mind the beaches of California, but it also takes us back to our childhoods by symbolising candy. We all see what we want to see in it!

He wasn’t wrong: everyone was immediately taken in by its colours!

Nicolas, Edsun Project Manager for this project

The moment of installation was particularly challenging. The most significant limitation was that there was no space. The installation zone formed a corridor. They had to start at one end and work gradually backwards. All the specialist teams had to progress at the same time. 

It was a new slide, so an absolute moment of discovery for our installers. 

Nicolas, Edsun Project Manager for this project

The placement of the cranes was complicated by the lack of space: there were mobile homes to work around. In addition, the installation took place at a time when transportation was affected by the health crisis. Delays also had to be managed.

Throughout the installation, La Chapelle camp site had every confidence in us!

I remember that, at times, our technical teams were sought out to find solutions, hoisting mechanisms, when other participants were blocked. It was an incredible project that we were bringing to many, we felt invested in completing it!

Nicolas, Edsun Project Manager for this project

In the end, the water set created for La Chapelle camp site earned our client’s full satisfaction. They loved the look. You could say it was a resounding success!

We added the slide with traffic lights and timers to accentuate the racing element.

Nicolas, Edsun Project Manager for this project

Today, the camp site’s water park is a wonderful marketing tool for the group and attracts thrill-seeking holidaymakers every summer!

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