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A year full of projects begins!

21 December 2023

All the team Edsun wishes you all the best for 2024 full of fun

It’s the end of 2023, but above all the start of 2024, which promises to be rich in EDSUN projects. Thank you for your confidence in us this year. Together, we’ve completed some wonderful projects, some bigger, some smaller, but all just as FUN as each other! With you, we’ve created memories, laughter and happiness all around us. We’re proud of our success!

Meilleurs voeux 2024
Projets EDSUN 2023 toboggans aquatiques, jeux de pataugeoire, multisports arenas , outdoorgames

Supplier of water slides

This year again, thrill-seekers are in for a treat. Several aquatic areas, including those in campgrounds and municipal pools, have equipped themselves with new water slides! Projects are spread throughout France, as well as in Spain, and for the first time, at Edsun in Guadeloupe

Toboggan Rift Camping Les Brunelles Toboggan racer Camping Ranc Davaine Toboggans aquatiques Camping Clairefontaine Toboggan aquatique Bois de Reveuge Toboggan aquatique Cala Gogo Toboggan aquatique L'ilebule Toboggan aquatique Camping Douce Quiétude Toboggan aquatique

Outdoor games for young adventurers

Do you prefer a seaside atmosphere or a walk in the woods? Our range of outdoor play equipment includes a variety of themes to suit every space. This year, for the first time, we’ve also installed a fitness trail and a new playground with the Robinia range.

Aire de jeux Camping Les Sirènes Aire de jeux Camping Pin Parasol Aire de jeux Camping Le Vivier

Paddling pool games

Are you more interested in stilted structures, fountains or figurative play structures? we have all three ranges, so you can create different atmospheres and worlds for your little ones to enjoy! Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve installed this year, a mix of projects each as playful as the next!

Pataugeoire Apiloti Atlantic Park Pataugeoire Apiloti Jeux de pataugeoire Apiloti Camping La Sole Pataugeoire Camping Clairefontaine Pataugeoire Apiloti Camping La Bel Balagne Pataugeoire Camping Le Méditerranée Structure de pataugeoire Apiloti Camping La Pomme de Pin Structure de pataugeoire Camping Les Sirènes Pataugeoire Apiloti Camping Castellas

We wish you an excellent year 2024 with all our wishes for happiness, health and success.

We’re ready to listen to your needs and work with you to realize your most original ideas.

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